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Re: New problem with GIMP plugin file-jpeg

Dear Bret
El 28/01/15 a las 09:18, Bret Busby escribió:
> Hello.
> I have, in the last hour, tried to open a JPEG file, to crop it, using the GIMP.
> I believe that recently, an update to the utility "file" was done; I
> do not know whether this is a side effect.

You have contacted the Debian LTS (Long Term Support) team, who are
responsible for providing security patches after oldstable reached its
end of life:


I would suggest to better contact one of the Debian user support
channels, to know if any other user can reproduce the problem, file the
corresponding bug (if stable or newer versions are affected) or help you
to fix your system:


Best regards

Laura Arjona

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