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Re: LTS progress so far [was: Draft announce of Debian 6 LTS, please review quickly]

On Mon, 16 Jun 2014, Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
Initially there needs to be an initial analysis of the data shown at
as described at the bottom of lts-needed.txt

I hope I got everything now ...

First question: If an issue is tagged as <no-dsa> for wheezy by the security
team, shall we directly also tag is as <no-dsa> for squeeze or does anyone
want to classify this independently? ("we" as in Debian security team)

If you say that a DSA is not needed for wheezy, I would say there isn't one needed for squeeze.

Second question: If we add an issue to dsa-needed.txt, shall we also add it
to lts-needed (if that package is in squeeze) or does anyone want to classify
this independently?

Would it make sense to add everything from dsa-needed as well as all minor issues with no-dsa to lts-needed?


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