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Re: Example for CIFS boot options

On Sat, 2014-06-07 at 14:21 +0200, Stefan Baur wrote:
> > 
> >        netboot[=nfs|cifs]
> >            This tells live-boot to perform a network mount. The
> > parameter "nfsroot=" (with optional "nfsopts="), should specify
> where
> > is the location of the  root  filesystem.   With  no
> >            args, will try cifs first, and if it fails nfs.
> ... I'm not sure how the CIFS server/share and username/password
> should
> be specified there, especially as the parameter is originally meant
> for
> NFS.
> nfsroot=//server/share?
> nfsroot=\\server\share?
> nfsroot=\\\\server\\share?
> nfsroot=cifs://server/share?
> There are a lot of ways to try it, and most likely only one will be
> the
> correct one. ;-)

I've used Debian Live with a CIFS share, but with anonymous access. I
used the following parameters for BOOTAPPEND_LIVE:

        netboot=cifs nfsroot=//${server}/${share}/
I think I played with username/password options but I can't recall
whether I got anything working, so I can't really help with the nfsopts



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