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Re: Example for CIFS boot options

Am 07.06.2014 13:45, schrieb chals:

>> Now I'm looking for an example of how to make it boot via CIFS/SMB, if
>> that's possible with my version of live-build (3.0.5-1).
>> Could anybody please point me to the relevant section of the
>> documentation, or provide an example of the required boot parameter(s)?
> I bet you have already checked it, but just in case, live-boot's man
> page in wheezy, i.e 3.0.1 reads:

Indeed I've seen that, but ...

>        netboot[=nfs|cifs]
>            This tells live-boot to perform a network mount. The
> parameter "nfsroot=" (with optional "nfsopts="), should specify where
> is the location of the  root  filesystem.   With  no
>            args, will try cifs first, and if it fails nfs.

... I'm not sure how the CIFS server/share and username/password should
be specified there, especially as the parameter is originally meant for


There are a lot of ways to try it, and most likely only one will be the
correct one. ;-)

Add to that the username/password fields, and you might get

nfsopts=user:foo,pass:bar or
nfsopts=username:foo,password:bar or
nfsopts='user=foo,pass=bar' or

combined with any of the above nfsroot parameters, or maybe


Quite a few options to try out and a lot of potential for wasted time
and needless frustration.

And as you mentioned (not that I wouldn't have been aware of it
previously) ...

> So it is supposed to be supported or to have been supported at some
> point. 

... debian-live sure is a "moving target", which adds to the potential
for wasted time/needless frustration.

So I was hoping that someone else had already solved the riddle, or that
I was just too stupid to find the example in the docs.


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