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Re: Example for CIFS boot options

On Sat, Jun 7, 2014 at 9:41 AM, Stefan Baur
<newsgroups.mail2@stefanbaur.de> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Now I'm looking for an example of how to make it boot via CIFS/SMB, if
> that's possible with my version of live-build (3.0.5-1).
> Could anybody please point me to the relevant section of the
> documentation, or provide an example of the required boot parameter(s)?

I bet you have already checked it, but just in case, live-boot's man
page in wheezy, i.e 3.0.1 reads:

           This tells live-boot to perform a network mount. The
parameter "nfsroot=" (with optional "nfsopts="), should specify where
is the location of the  root  filesystem.   With  no
           args, will try cifs first, and if it fails nfs.

So it is supposed to be supported or to have been supported at some
point. Since I have never tried to boot using CIFS, I'm sorry to tell
you that I cannot give you any more clue on how to do it. Sorry if
this mail is completely useful :(

Anyway, it would be very nice if you succeed and report it.

Have a nice weekend!


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