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Example for CIFS boot options

Hi everyone,

I have a working live-build image based on Debian Wheezy, and I've
succeeded in making it boot from hard disk/USB, ISO and via HTTP (using
the "fetch=http://webserver/live.iso"; boot parameter).

Now I'm looking for an example of how to make it boot via CIFS/SMB, if
that's possible with my version of live-build (3.0.5-1).

Could anybody please point me to the relevant section of the
documentation, or provide an example of the required boot parameter(s)?

Sample setup:
CIFS server name: cifsserver.example.com
Share name: debliveshare
Username: debliveboot
Password: bootpass

If it's impossible to use FQDNs or username/password-based access,
assume CIFSSERVER as server name and no username/password required (I'll
use a public read-only share in that case).

Kind Regards, and Thanks in Advance,

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