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Re: large /pool folder in the iso image

Ok thanks, I'll work through my different lists now to see where I can minimise this.

On 28 June 2013 18:57, Ben Armstrong <synrg@sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca> wrote:
On 27/06/13 10:54 PM, Michael . wrote:
> By your reply it seems the udebs are required regardless
> of what installer is used. Is this correct?

Yes, and the live installer has less overhead than the standard
installer, but it is still a significant amount of space.

> I only want a live system
> that can be installed. I don't want the installer to "pull packages"
> from a pool like a regular installer if I can stop it. Is this possible
> with Debian Live?

The udebs are for bootstrapping the install, so those are required to
make the installer work. That's non-negotiable.

>>It's not wasted if you really do want the installer.
> What about the debs (not the udebs)? are they also required?

The installer needs some debs as well. While the installer uses the live
system itself instead of a normal bootstrap to do a "live" install,
other things after that stage depend on choices the user makes and, as I
understand it, are where the debs come into play.

Together, the udebs and debs make up about 119M on i386 or 92M on amd64
for our prebuilt wheezy gnome images. I have not yet measured them on
the other flavours, but I would expect them to be the same size. I do
not consider this to be excessive. You've reported higher figures but,
as you have indicated, you have included some additional packages for
ndiswrapper. That would include every dependency needed to install those
packages, so it does add up.


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