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Re: large /pool folder in the iso image

First of all, what's with putting the whole message in the Subject:
field of your email? I had to copy and hand reformat the whole thing
below. Please don't let that happen again.

On 26/06/13 06:21 AM, Michael . wrote:
> Re: Trying to build minimal live cd but get large /pool folder in the >
iso image.

You may have forgotten to 'lb clean' between builds. You should include
your log.

> Please find attached my auto config and also my config
> folder (tar.gz).

No, we never received any message from you with either of these things.
If your config was particularly large, it may have been rejected by the
mailing list software due to size. Please post at a publicly accessible
location instead. You should also post your log.

> As far as I am aware if I use packages.list.chroot I
> should not get a pool folder.

Not from that list itself, no. But maybe for other reasons (such as
missing 'lb clean' and previously using '.list' by mistake instead of

> I do have a ndis.list.binary for
> ndiswrapper packages but would not expect to get a /pool folder of
> 195.2 MB.

A directory listing of the pool would be useful.

> Is there something I can do to minimise this? Let me know
> what other information you need to know and I'll do what I can to get
> it asap.

Retest, making sure you 'lb clean' first. Then if it still fails,
include the information indicated above in the manner I requested.

> I forgot to add, sorry, that this is in Wheezy using Wheezy LiveBuild.

Thanks. You should always specify the live-build version#, as shown by
"dpkg -l live-build" just to be completely unambiguous.


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