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Re: Status of the translations of live-manual

On Sat, Jan 19, 2013 at 1:36 PM, Daniel Baumann
<daniel.baumann@progress-technologies.net> wrote:
>> the German [...] translations but I am afraid they will not be finished
>> for wheezy.
> i didn't get arround to it as originally planned (of course :), and i'm
> definitely not going to be able to do it in the next two months, so..
> there'll be a german translation for 4.x.

Well, it will be okay for jessie. You are an extremely hard-working
person and therefore you are always really busy. It's definitely
better late than never :)

>> I'll send them the respective e-mails
>> describing a little bit how the translations were done, probably this
>> afternoon or at the beginning of next week at latest.
> thanks so much!

Done! Thanks to you for such a great work.


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