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Bug#698423: fixing samhain : a possible typo in live-build version 3.0~b5-1

Thank you for your work on this issue.

Le samedi 19 janvier à 12h 42mn 36s (+0100), Daniel Baumann a écrit :
> On 01/18/2013 09:24 PM, jhcha54008 wrote:
> >My concern was : isn't /var/state/samhain at risk to remain longer as
> >needed if a fatal error occurs between creation and removal (say, the user
> >did something wrong in the config) ?
> no, what makes you think so? the file is touched in order to prevent
> samhain from doing stuff on package installation.

It happened to me at my first try with live-build as root
(as you pointed out, it didn't work out of the box with fakeroot).
The run stopped somewhere before package installation with an error.
The remaining /var/state/samhain was flagged by integrit the day
after. After a while looking for the cause, I was at first upset :
"this program abused trust and root power to change silently the
configuration of my build host" - before I realize my error, after
some code reading.
Hence this "whishlist" ('do nothing if samhain is not installed') : a
/var/state/samhain left doesn't cause much harm to the build host,
but some trouble for the unsuspicious (and clumsy) user. Anyway, it's
definitely not of vital importance...

JH Chatenet

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