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Status of the translations of live-manual


I'm writing this message to the list keeping in mind that everything
will hopefully be ready at the end of this month.

The Catalan, French and Spanish translations of live-manual are
complete. (With the only exception of the appendix_style-guide. I have
added it to my todo list for the next release cycle -jessie- to
achieve a real 100% complete translation). The Spanish translation was
done hand in hand with Jose Luis Zabalza.

The French translation will be improved by Ndangi Francis who has
already contributed with some grammar fixes and François Deslandes who
spotted several mistakes and reported that on the mailing list. I
begged them to wait for some days to give skizzhg time to finish the
Italian translation and also because there is a revision of
live-manual by Ben Armstrong pending.

The Italian translation is being updated at this very moment and so it
will also be ready at the end of the month (Again with the exception
of the appendix_style-guide). Thanks to skizzhg for the great work.

There have been several updates of the German, Brazilian Portuguese
and Romanian translations but I am afraid they will not be finished
for wheezy. Thanks to those who have done some work on them too,
Daniel Baumann, Bogdan A. Dragoiu, Victor Nițu  and Willer Gomes.
(Sorry if I forget someone)

I think that it is high time to notify the Catalan and French mailing
lists (this is to say: debian-l10n-catalan and debian-l10n-french)
about the status of the translations so that they can revise them.
Unless stated otherwise, I'll send them the respective e-mails
describing a little bit how the translations were done, probably this
afternoon or at the beginning of next week at latest.

Comments, suggestions... welcome.

Have a nice weekend.


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