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Re: I tried to boot you Live Wheezy ISO and IMG

First of all, I will reiterate what Michal said, which is that this
conversation is best suited to the main user support list, not here.

On 21/10/12 11:51 AM, Deidre Elizabeth wrote:
> You don't know what X server or kernel you provide with your live-wheezy
> iso and img files?

Please be aware that wheezy is a moving target and is not yet released,
so it is always good to include these details in every report.

That being said, yes, you did refer to
debian-wheezy-live-a2-amd64-lxde-desktop.iso, and you said you have a
Radeon 6520G GPU, so we could find out which kernel and xorg packages
would be used. However, not everyone trying to provide help to you here
may have the a2 release on hand or know offhand which versions are
included, which is why you were being requested to provide those details.

> Yours won't even boot, so what logs should I be looking for?

You listed quite a number of things you tried with incomplete accounts
of what happened on each try, so it was not entirely clear that at no
point were you even able to get to a shell prompt.

> I ran lour live whhezy disk in a virtual box only to find there's no
> installer.  

The announcement for alpha2 *did* say that installer integration is not
completed yet.

> I installed the debian installer through synaptic.  When I ran it, the
> screen when black.

You said you couldn't get it to boot, so how did you do this? Which
package, in particular, did you install, and on what system did you run it?

> I have no problems with linux mint debian edition which is built upon
> debian wheezy.

As I said, wheezy is a moving target and is not yet released, so it does
not follow that "Mint works and therefore wheezy should work" which
seems to be the point you are trying to make.


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