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Re: Auto scripts missing.

On 20 September 2012 21:44, Ben Armstrong <synrg@sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca> wrote:
I'll respond to any practical suggestions you have for improvement of the software, manual or
support process if you post it publicly to the list. I'm not interested in following up in private
email, sorry.

As for my "superior tone", it was not my intent to come across this way, so I do apologize if there
was any hint of that. If there was some way in which I misunderstood why the purge/reinstall/reboot
dance you did actually made sense, you could have addressed that technical concern of mine with a
technical rebuttal (again, on the public list) without responding as if you had been attacked.


Ben I did not mean for that last reply to be private. I am more than willing for you to post it in this public discussion.

As for practical suggestions I'd suggest you or someone else posts a manual on the live site, that is actually accurate for the versions of Live Build that are available in each dist. If the manual was accurate in the first instance I wouldn't have come onto the list to ask a question.

Another practical suggestion. You may be sorry about the "superior tone" but your choice of words, even in this email with the word "dance", says to me you are still using the "superior tone". Dance is in no way a technical term in IT circles, if you want your users to use technical terms then I personally would appreciate it if you would do likewise.

Chals was a great help filling in the blanks of the manual and offering other suggestions, I appreciate his assistance. I'm not interested in discussing this further as the issue I asked the question about has been resolved.


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