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Re: Auto scripts missing.

On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 12:26 AM, Michael . <keltoiboy@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for that Chals.

You are welcome :)

> I have found them again. My next question is then why isn't Live Build
> seeing the Auto scripts and adjusting the config files accordingly.
> I am using Wheezy for this so my version is, like yours, 3.0~a51-1.

I use the latest version (3.0~a58-1) in both sid and wheezy. However,
I have downgraded my wheezy's live-build to 3.0~a51-1 for the sake of
testing whether auto/ scripts work or not. And they *do* work here. I
have no idea what you are doing wrong.

Just to make sure, if I were you, I would, first of all make the build
directory and create the 'auto' directory inside it with my scripts;
whether copied from the 'examples' or handmade. In this last case
remember to make them executable. Auto scripts are *scripts* so you
have to give them execute permission. This is not necessary if you
just copy them from the 'examples/auto' directory because they already

And then, once the scripts are in place, call 'lb config' as user and
then 'lb build' as root. And you will see something like this:

chals@aelita:~/sandbox/testauto$ lb config
[2012-09-20 00:49:59] lb_config
P: Executing auto/config script.

and this:

root@aelita:/home/chals/sandbox/testauto# lb build
[2012-09-20 01:03:22] lb_build
P: Executing auto/build script.

Good luck


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