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default filesystem - live-manual section needed

On 07/16/2012 02:31 PM, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> however, it was always made the
> case that for the default images, we should use fat so that people with
> legacy operating systems can still see the content of the sticks.

fsvo "content", since they can't see inside the squashfs without special tools probably not
available on legacy OSes. But I guess there are some things in there you might care to see and/or
modify without modifying the squashfs, so this reason for keeping it fat for the default images
still seems like a good one.

Maybe a brief section in live-manual on binary (and chroot) filesystem choice would help, including
this rationale for the default and pros/cons of straying from the default? We have terse little
statements in the man pages that don't really provide more than the barest clues as to what's going
on with filesystems.


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