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Re: kernel and wifi


On 07/16/2012 04:34 AM, Klaus Becker wrote:
> my wifi card (realtek) on squeeze live only works with BPO-kernel as I already experienced with squeeze on a second usb-disk.
> When I install BPO-kernel on flash disk, initrd.img is not built because the file system is read only. So I reinstalled the 2.6 kernel I already had uninstalled, also without initrd.img. /vmlinuz points to the 3.2 kernel, but the system boots on 2.6 kernel. The live system works, but I have no wifi.
> So what can I do?

The persistence layer that stores the changes to your live system is loaded *after* the kernel
loads, so changing kernels is one of the things it does not support.

Option 1: Don't use a live system as if it were a full system. Perform a regular install to the
flash disk instead.

Option 2: Build a custom live system using the BPO kernel (see live-manual for help with the various
customizations needed.)

Option 3: Build a wheezy live system instead of squeeze, which may support your card. See the
http://live-build.debian.net/ web service for an easy way to do this. (Caveat: wheezy is still a
work in progress, so builds may or may not work from day to day. We ask you to be patient as we
resolve each issue in this last sprint towards the wheezy release.)


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