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Re: Re: Live built image not loading with installer

The error message i am getting when i am installing wheezy from live image through terminal is

"Kernel do not match. Live kernel is 3.2.0-3 and installer kernel is (*). Please reboot with correct kernel (*)."

But when i launch the GUI "Install Sid" from applications menu, my cursor becomes busy for few seconds and no window is shown

Just interested to know which package is broken and for which package i should look for the update


On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 7:49 PM, Ramu Sethu <ramusethu@ymail.com> wrote:
Hi Daniel

I understand it breaks in testing and unstable. But is it a bug with installer or live-boot? Just wanted to know this.

The reason why i am asking this is, the moment the package (which has this issue) gets updated in wheezy, i will try building ISO again.

Ramu S

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