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Re: kernel and wifi

Le lundi 16 juillet 2012 15:17:21, Ben Armstrong a écrit :
> Klaus,
> On 07/16/2012 04:34 AM, Klaus Becker wrote:
> > my wifi card (realtek) on squeeze live only works with BPO-kernel as I already experienced with squeeze on a second usb-disk.
> > 
> > When I install BPO-kernel on flash disk, initrd.img is not built because the file system is read only. So I reinstalled the 2.6 kernel I already had uninstalled, also without initrd.img. /vmlinuz points to the 3.2 kernel, but the system boots on 2.6 kernel. The live system works, but I have no wifi.
> > 
> > So what can I do?
> The persistence layer that stores the changes to your live system is loaded *after* the kernel
> loads, so changing kernels is one of the things it does not support.
> Option 1: Don't use a live system as if it were a full system. Perform a regular install to the
> flash disk instead.
> Option 2: Build a custom live system using the BPO kernel (see live-manual for help with the various
> customizations needed.)
> Option 3: Build a wheezy live system instead of squeeze, which may support your card. See the
> http://live-build.debian.net/ web service for an easy way to do this. (Caveat: wheezy is still a
> work in progress, so builds may or may not work from day to day. We ask you to be patient as we
> resolve each issue in this last sprint towards the wheezy release.)
> Ben

Hello Ben,

thanks for information. That's what I understood, but I waited for confirmation.

I shall perform a regular install to the flash disk.

I have another question: why are live systems always on fat32 filesystem and not ext2, ext3, ext4 filesystem?



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