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Re: live-boot todo for wheezy

On 06/12/2012 03:14 PM, intrigeri wrote:
> If this was intended to clarify anything, I'm sorry but it did not
> work that well: the specific stuff you explicitly asked us to give
> some feedback/testing (which I tried to do) is not part of this list,
> so I'm now more confused than before.

ok, seems there's a missunderstanding.

what i like:

  * feedback if current live-boot and live-boot from experimental
    work as expected (in particular wrt/ persistency) in (otherwise)
    unmodified wheezy and/or sid live-systems (built with live-build

what i got from you:

   * interesting message that in some other combination (squeeze +
     'unbackported' initramfs-tools from sid), the current versions
     of live-boot and live-config from experimental don't work.

what i ment with the previous mail:

  * while this is interesting to know and eventually fix why it's
    failing in your specific combination as you described (as, from a
    live-* point of view, it should not fail and just work),
    the combination you were testing is not a priority to look at and
    i would only look at that myself if everything else would be
    already working as it should.

misunderstanding solved?

> If I used a "proper" initramfs-tools backport to do my tests of the
> live-boot you pushed to experimental, would you care about my report,
> or am I just wasting my time trying to help you test and debug your
> latest work?

absolutely; the squeeze + backports (kernel, initramfs, klibc) is a
priority - we do support and encurage people to use live-{boot,config}
from stable+1 on stable.

> Can you please provide any example of what would fail with 0.106 from
> sid on Squeeze?

with 'unbackported' initramfs-tools from sid on squeeze, e.g. for
network related stuff during initramfs (e.g. netboot, fetch, etc.) will
not work (klibc and /run stuff).

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