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Re: live-boot todo for wheezy

On 06/12/2012 03:31 AM, intrigeri wrote:
> Daniel, is that enough to put you on the right track to hunt this
> regression down?

not really. :)

first of all, i personally care about three usages:

  * squeeze with unmodified[0] live-boot/live-config from sid
  * squeeze plus backports of kernel, klibc, initramfs-tools, with
    unmodified[0] live-boot/live-config from sid
  * sid

wrt/ to initramfs-tools, the 0.106 version from sid will not work
properly on squeeze, backporting it needs a few adjustments, see:


assuming you're using initramfs-tools 0.106 as a non-proper backport on
squeeze, this is a case which i don't care about (read: feel free to
provide patch, but i wont look into it).

second, i haven't tested squeeze (with or without kernel backports) with
live-boot/live-config from experimental yet, but i'll give it a go next
week when i've got some more time.

[0] unmodified as in 'rebuild on squeeze, but nothing changed by except

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