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Re: live-boot todo for wheezy

Daniel Baumann wrote (06 Jun 2012 17:19:24 GMT) :
> On 06/06/2012 05:57 PM, Daniel Baumann wrote:
>> i'll look into that later today and upload to experimental, it would be
>> nice if you and anonym could then give some feedback/testing whetever i
>> haven't broken it too much :)

> done and uploaded.

As reported on IRC, I see a regression, on current Tails (which is
based on Squeeze), between live-boot 3.0~a27-1 and 3.0~a32-1.

The former works fine, while the latter dies in initramfs land:

  Begin: Running /scripts/init-premount ... done.
  Begin: Mounting root file system ... /init: line 218: mountroot: not found
  Begin: Running /scripts/init-bottom ... mount: mounting /dev on
  /root/dev failed: No such file or directory
  Target filesystem doesn't have requested /sbin/init.

Daniel, is that enough to put you on the right track to hunt this
regression down?

If you want to check it yourself, the working branch is "testing", and
the failing one is "feature/live-boot-3.x", both in Tails Git
repository (git://git.immerda.ch/amnesia.git).

FTR, both tests are using initramfs-tools 0.106, live-config
3.0~a39-1, and the image was built using the most recent flavour of
live-build 2.x.

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