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Re: netboot option

On 2012-04-04 12:44, Daniel Baumann wrote:

i'm not saying this is any better than 'regular' nfsroot etc, but it's
how it is atm: if you boot a debian-live system, it will by itself
(live-boot) handle finding the rootfs and mounting it from the nfs
server, not the initramfs-tools mechanism.

if you specify initramfs-tools parameters for nfsroot, you end up with a conflicting (or different) result. if you want debian-live booted over
nfs, only do what man live-boot tells you todo and nothing more and
nothing else.

at some point, the network booting code (and the networking code too)
needs really to be revised to profit more from initramfs-tools (and
dracut, when dracut is being used), but in the meantime do above.

Ok thanks for the clarification - when my boot failed, complaining about file system, I jumped to the conclusion that it was nfsroot related - sorry for that.

So back to the debian-live method, the boot fails with "Unable to find a medium containing a live filesystem". What I determined is that eth0 not getting an IP.. ie. the ethernet module is loaded, ifconfig -a shows eth0, but with no IP address. Shouldn't the default live-boot setup get the IP via dhcp? The live-boot manpage says dhcp is the default. DHCP is obviously working or we couldn't pxe boot.

I went back to the build system, and in chroot/etc/network/interfaces, there is no "auto eth0".. but I guess I'm not sure exactly where I should be looking for this.

Any ideas?



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