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Re: netboot option

On 04/04/2012 04:30 PM, Bob Blanchard wrote:
> So right away I noticed that tftpboot didn't contain the debian-live
> directory with the kernel and initrd, which according to online manual
> it should.

just to be precise, the kernel and initrd should be in tftpboot, but not
the other live/* stuff. i've fixed that for lb in git.

> The pxelinux.cfg was a file, so I had to move it to pxelinux.cfg/default
> (since my pxe clients were complaining "cannot find config file").

fixed in git, thanks.

> At this point I guessed that the kernel needed CONFIG_ROOT_NFS, so I
> re-built the kernel, copied it to tftpboot, and added "root=/dev/nfs
> nfsroot=" to live.cfg - and I was then
> able to boot successfully.

this is using nfs boot options of the kernel in connection with
initramfs-tools, not the one of debian-live (see previous answer to one
of your mails).

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