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Re: RFC: persistence improvements plans

> but.. there's autologin since always, with a bunch of supported 
> display-managers. x-session-manager can as well be set through boot 
> parameters.. did you by any chance had a look at the live-config manpage 
> at some point? not sure i'm missing something, but if do, please let me 
> know so we can add it.

To say the truth I read the manual quite a long time ago (and the online
documentation is returning blank pages tonight). However what I meant is
that, as indicated on the Tails website, we don't need GDM or
whatever-DM to run and ship on the CD if the goal is to shortcut it!
Maybe we just need an option “no-DM” which would allow us to start any
application/session in X, don't you think? The only issue is to manage
the real installation of the live system onto HD for which a DM is
likely desirable.

Jean-Michel Philippe
DoudouLinux, the computer they prefer!

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