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Re: RFC: persistence improvements plans

> This menu is called tails-greeter and is not ready to be released yet.
> We'll use it for much more than persistence.
> Details:
>   https://tails.boum.org/todo/boot_menu/
>   https://tails.boum.org/todo/TailsGreeter/

Very interesting indeed. I think we'll have similar issues in the future
for DoudouLinux. Currently we have per-language CD's but we intend to
offer one day a multi-language DVD with more applications. Our concern
will be to ship an easy tool to set language, run during CD start,
preferably with audio output to tell the name of the selected language
to children who cannot read.

Moreover getting rid of GDM is something I've ever thought, despite I
have no idea on how to do this without breaking the session mechanics. I
guess most of LiveCD's don't want a login screen since users aren't
asked for a user name and a password. This is then a must have tool for
Debian live in my opinion.

Jean-Michel Philippe
DoudouLinux, the computer they prefer!

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