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Re: RFC: persistence improvements plans


Sorry for the delay, I cannot read all I wish in time unfortunately :).
My only question is about this:

“The Tails usecase requires to move most boot-time communication with
the user to a graphical boot menu, running long after live-boot has
finished its job.”

What is the graphical boot menu you're talking about? A selection of
persistence type for users? I suppose this menu will be optional. I'm
sorry I've never booted Tails, maybe this gives the answer.

Note that, what we're missing in DoudouLinux, is a persistence
notification icon on the desktop panel. This would be used to show the
fact that user's data are saved or not (which is quite important!), and
to start a persistence setting tool. Maybe it is possible to share the
effort of programming such software in the future, anyone interested?


Le jeudi 03 novembre 2011 à 02:13 +0100, intrigeri a écrit :
> Hi,
> I have published, eventually, in the form of a RFC on the Debian Live
> website, the plans we came up with Daniel last summer about
> improvements to the Debian Live persistence support that are needed to
> support the Tails (https://tails.boum.org/) usecases.
> I'd like to get feedback on this plan, especially from list members
> who use persistence features, either for themselves or in the context
> of deployments of Debian Live systems they know well.
> Some user interface (read: parameter names and semantics) mangling is
> part of our scheme, so you'd better make sure *now* we did not plan to
> break the particular combination of options you use, incidentally.
> Here is the RFC:
>       http://live.debian.net/devel/rfc/persistence/
> Cheers,
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