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configuring proprietary drivers at boot time

	Hi all,

I'd like to have a Debian live system recognize video boards at boot,
optionally configuring the system to use proprietary drivers.

As far as I understand, proprietary drivers (say nvidia and fglrx)
cannot be installed in chroot, because:
	- they conflict with each other (-glx packages, mostly)
	- there could be more than one version available (e.g. nvidia has
	  many legacy versions)
	- nvidia/fglrx install a blacklist for free driver modules, which
	  could instead be the right choice (e.g. ATI cards prior to r500
	  are not supported by fglrx)

I know this is what I should expect from using non-free stuff and in
fact I knew I was diggin a minefield right from the start.
I want to do it the same because what I want is to enable completely
live-based lan-parties for some gamers to gather, start one machine (the
netboot server with the live image) and then just boot their gaming
machines from the net into a fully 3D-capable desktop and play, Debian way!
I hope one day all of this will be just bad memories, with nouveau and ati
being fast and feature complete enough.

In the meantime I ask for your help :)
Can someone point me to a solution?

Hope I've been clear enough and thanks in advance for you time and effort,
Debian live already is such a wonderful tool!

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