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Re: French translation - Traduction française


> ... 
> > I do not know if normal but opening the resulting index.html.in with
> > iceweasel results in wrong character encoding being detected
> > (ISO-8859 instead of UTF-8). As a consequence accentuated letters
> > (é,è,à,..) are substituted with funny characters. 
> that's happening here too (as can be seen on live.debian.net/manual/fr
> and live.debian.net/manual/de). i'll try to fix that tomorrow.

This seems to be related to "po4a.cfg": all pages from the manual have
a [type: text] attribute, except index.html.in wich is processed
differently according to the [type: xhtml] attribute.

As a consequence no meta information is generated for indexes. The meta
we are missing here (to print german and french letters) is:

  <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=utf-8" />

Maybe changing "po4a.cfg" on line 26 could help generate proper metas:
- [type: xhtml] en/index.html.in $lang:$lang/index.html.in
+ [type: text] en/index.html.in $lang:$lang/index.html.in


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