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Re: French translation - Traduction française

On 10/21/2010 07:19 PM, Christophe Siraut wrote:
> Hello,


> I have just started the french translation.

great, very much appreciated.

> My profile: I am on
> Debian for 8 years, but have not contributed to its code, nor
> translations yet.

welcome to Debian Live then ;)

> Please review attached "po" files. I generated them with 'msginit -i
> $POT -l fr_FR.UTF-8 --no-translator --no-wrap -o po/fr/$PO'. After
> edition, I did 'make build' and could preview output.

i've incorporated them and enabled the autobuilds for french now. have a
look at http://live.debian.net/manual/fr/

autobuilds are triggered every :00 and :30 minute of an hour.

from now on, please commit any further translations directly yourself as
described in the manual. make sure you do a 'git pull --rebase' before
any pushes. if you have any troubles/questions/$whatever, please don't
hesitate to ask. we'd like to make your life as a translator as easy as

> I do not know if normal but opening the resulting index.html.in with
> iceweasel results in wrong character encoding being detected (ISO-8859
> instead of UTF-8). As a consequence accentuated letters (é,è,à,..) are
> substituted with funny characters. 

that's happening here too (as can be seen on live.debian.net/manual/fr
and live.debian.net/manual/de). i'll try to fix that tomorrow.

> Maybe a little omission in about_manual.ssi.pot on line 42:
> - # apt-get install sisu-complete
> + # apt-get install sisu-complete po4a

indeed, thank you. i've commited that in git.

Regards and thank you very much again,

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