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--syslinux-timeout on live-build CGI

I was trying out the live-build online.  Very cool.


However, to make a live system that will boot straight into Debian, without needing to hit Enter, I would want to use the --syslinux-timeout option to lb config.  That way, I can make an appliance which can boot up by itself if power is lost ans restored, or if I want to remotely reboot.  But I do not see it as an option on the form.

(I also use noautologin and quickreboot as --boot-append parameters to complete the "headless" reboot functionality for live appliances.)

So, I am requesting that the developers of the inline live build CGI please add this option to the web form.  It could allow you to enter the number of seconds for the timeout.

I do build systems locally so I can add this myself, but I am trying to get others at the university to switch to Debian Live for our firewall appliances, and having the web version of live-build will really help in this effort.  But requiring the user interaction on reboot will hold many back from using their images in production.

Thanks for all of the nice work everyone is doing on Debian Live.  It has really become a nice system!


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