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debian live on eeepc 701, how whould you do it?

Hello to the list,

I own an eeepc 701 with 4 giga hardrive solid state.
Till now I always used ubuntu on it ( while running debian servers and
desktop at home/work ) but I'd like to switch to debian for congruency (
since I mostly work on debian ).
For  little time I runned the ubuntu live on it to save space ( because of
the squash ) but since debian live is so "evolved" and have a whole
community behind I thought I'll go for it so for I have a question...
How would you do it?

Since there is still no support for grub2 ( is there? did I miss anything?
) what whould you suggests as bootloader, nevertheless would you do hdd
image or iso image? and to update and install stuff is the snapshot
feature duplicating the space used and then how to remove the old

thanks a lot for your huge work people! and thanks a lot for the
suggestions to come.


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