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Re: debian live on eeepc 701, how whould you do it?

fruity@freaknet.org writes:

> I own an eeepc 701 (4GB SSD).

For hardware support reasons, you should roll out Squeeze, not Lenny.

Simply dd'ing the iso-hybrid or usb image directly onto the 4GB drive
should Just Work.

> How would you do it?

I would set up two partitions; /boot (ext2 or vfat) and / (squashfs).
I'd then use live-media=/dev/sda2 to point the ramdisk at the root

For persistence, I'd probably make /home a directory within the boot
filesystem, and have live-boot bind-mount it.  If I needed to upgrade
packages, I'd roll a new root filesystem, rather than trying to make
persistent changes to the existing one.

Note: that's how *I* would do it, not how *you* should.

> Since there is still no support for grub2

As at current squeeze, live-build appears to support grub (presumably
grub2) for USB images, but not ISO images.

If you're rolling images by hand, i.e. using live-boot and live-config
but not live-build, then obviously you can do what you want.

> what whould you suggests as bootloader, nevertheless would you do hdd
> image or iso image?

I have a strong personal preference for extlinux (syslinux), because it
does what I tell it to, whereas grub seems to delight in trying to guess
what I want, and guessing completely wrong.  YMMV.  For your trivial 701
system, Grub will probably work fine.

> and to update and install stuff is the snapshot feature duplicating
> the space used and then how to remove the old snapshots?

Unless something has gone horribly wrong since I last looked at the
code, snapshots are copy-on-write at the file level.  That is, if you
create or modify a file, the snapshot will consume the (new) size of
that file, and no more.

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