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Re: BOSS Live-installer - A GUI Live Installer for Debian and it's derivatives based on remastersys scripts

On 10/04/2010 12:03 PM, vikramshankarnair@cdacnoida.in wrote:
> As you might have noticed all the naming is currently done as EduBOSS on
> the BOSS Live Installer. Would there be any issues if I were to use
> Debian(logo and name) in the instructions and animation in place of
> EduBOSS, like say have a version which is specifically for Debian Lenny?

my personal unqualified opinion on that is that it shouldn't be a
problem if you use the logo as allowed in it's license mentioned under
http://debian.org/logos/. you might want to check with
debian-legal@lists.debian.org for more information though.

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