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Error with --net-cow-path segmentation fault - Bug#563735

Hi all,

thanks for the great live-helper tools. I try to make an server-client setup 
with a netboot-image. I found the option --net-cow-path and --net-cow-server 
in lh_config manual page.

lh_config -b 
net --net-root-path "/srv/debian-live" --net-root-server "" --net-cow-server "" --net-cow-path "/export/hosts/client_mac_address"

Booting the client works fine until it tries to build the aufs-mount with the 
two nfs-pathes.

So I run into exactly the same error described here: 


My setup is the same mentioned in the bug-report (actual debian-lenny with 
i386 and current live-initramfs)

Is there any solution known until now? It would be great to have 
client-specific configurations. It gaves the possibility to use 
netboot-images where ltsp (linux-terminal-server-project) reachs it's limit 
because of the needs of multimedia support.

Cheers and thanks in advance.


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