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Re: BOSS Live-installer - A GUI Live Installer for Debian and it's derivatives based on remastersys scripts

On 10/04/2010 09:05 AM, Vitaly wrote:
> There is already a standard practice:
> - Html description in the browser after loading system

this is know as the "default" problem.

debian-live is not a distribution, it's a framework to build your own
debian images, and to build the official debian live images.

or in other words: debian-live is debian. no difference. if debian
doesn't give you a browser at first login, neither will it if it happens
to be a live system. there should be no difference whatsoever between an
installed and first bootet debian system, and a debian-live system.

therefore, for the official builds, we do not customize anything (with a
few exceptions). what you get is debian, not more not less. if that
doesn't suite you, you can customize your image to behave differently.

> - Clear the ritual inscriptions and give substance to Help (f10)
> installer

patches welcome. remember to keep d-i and live content in sync.

> And in general, where the normal documentation for boot parameters
> LiveCD?
> Quick and handy?

man live-config. and usually, there's a dump in parameters.txt in the
livecd itself (may not be the case yet for squeeze as it wasn't adjusted
for live-config yet).

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