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Re: Bogus samhain email alerts with rescue package list

On 04/02/2010 08:07 PM, Svend Sorensen wrote:
When I include the rescue package list, seven samhain email alerts are
sent to root@localhost. Is this an issue
with samhain or live-helper?


it's not live-helper specific, since samhain will behave the same way when being installed in any chroot. if it would be unreasonable to install samhain in a chroot, i report a bug for it about respecting e.g. the existence of /etc/debian_chroot and doing nothing if that file exists.

however, since there might be people operating things in a chroot and having samhain in there, so using debian_chroot is not generic enough. therefore, i've added a hack in git for live-helper to avoid samhain initializing its db through postinst.



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