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Bogus samhain email alerts with rescue package list

When I include the rescue package list, seven samhain email alerts are
sent to root@localhost. (See example message below.) Is this an issue
with samhain or live-helper?

I'm running live-helper 2.0~a9-1 on sid. My lh config command is:

lh config --distribution lenny --packages-lists "standard rescue"

----- Forwarded message from daemon@example.com -----

Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 17:14:24 UTC
From: daemon@example.com
To: root@localhost
Subject: [Samhain at] 02-04-2010 17:14:24: CRIT

CRIT   :  [2010-04-02T17:14:24+0000] msg=<No such file or directory>, interface=<lstat>, path=</var/log/warn>
CRIT   :  [2010-04-02T17:14:24+0000] msg=<POLICY MISSING>, path=</var/log/warn>
000005 1270228424::
-----END MESSAGE-----

----- End forwarded message -----

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