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Re: Live softphone USB key.: Progress report

On 03/17/2010 02:12 PM, palama@inwind.it wrote:
- Two of these machines have a BIOS which is not capable of booting off a USB key. It is certanly possible
   to boot on these machines using a boot floppy but I was not able to find how to do it neither in the manual
   nor in the wiki pages.

we don't support floppies in lh (not sure if it's worth to even think about adding it).

however, you can make them yourself easily.. write mbr.bin to the floppy, create a vfat primary partition, copy the kernel, initrd, and the syslinux directory to it, run syslinux on the device.

- Sound does not work on the third machine, an HP6735s laptop, even if I run alsaconf on it. This same machine
   has a full Debian Lenny installed on the HD and sound works perfect in this installation.

take it up with the alsa maintainers, this is not live specific and there's nothing we can do aout it.

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