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Live softphone USB key.: Progress report

I am pretty content with the results obtained so far.

Here is the build process I am using, based on Debian Lenny,

lh_config -b usb-hdd --bootappend-live "persistent xvideomode=1024x768" \
-p standard-x11 --packages "twinkle ekiga mc jed less alsa icewm"
dd if=binary.img of=/dev/sda
#  where /dev/sda is a 512MB USB key.
#  Add a new type 83 partition /dev/sda2 to /dev/sda using fdisk
mke2fs -L home-rw /dev/sda2
e2label /dev/sda2     # To check if the label is correct

After boot I run
sudo alsaconf
I configure Ekiga and Twinkle, the configuration info is stored in /dev/sda2.

The softphones work very well in my main Linux box but I am unable to use them on the other three
machines I have available for two mayor problems.

- Two of these machines have a BIOS which is not capable of booting off a USB key. It is certanly possible
  to boot on these machines using a boot floppy but I was not able to find how to do it neither in the manual
  nor in the wiki pages.
- Sound does not work on the third machine, an HP6735s laptop, even if I run alsaconf on it. This same machine
  has a full Debian Lenny installed on the HD and sound works perfect in this installation.

Can somebody help me to solve these problems?

Best regards,

Antonio Palamà

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