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custom live cd


I'm trying to make myself a custom live cd and usb image so I can: take
my own linux anywhere. Have accessibility on every machine, and use and
carry the software I want, and leave the stuff I don't want. I will
probably release this image if I can get it to work! So could someone
please help me. Here is what I did.

I installed live-helper and did:
cd /tmp
mkdir livecd
cd livecd
sudo lh_config -a i386 -d lenny --categories main contrib non-free -p gnome --packages audacity gnome-orca brltty rhythmbox --packages-lists /home/daniel/stuff/packages.list
cd ~
cp file1 file2 file3... /tmp/livecd/config/includes/home/user
(I just created home/user, includes was already there from lh_config)
sudo lh_build

It took a while and did some things, installed lots of packages and then
created a binary.iso file.
It was 170 mb in size, so I put it on a cd. When I boot the cd I have
barely anything on it. No gnome, no brltty, no orca, no emacs no
nothing. So what am I doing wrong? My files from includes/home/user
don't even appear when I type ls -a in the livecd... 
In my packages.list file I have lines such as:
emacs install

So what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help!



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