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RE: How do I enable X autologin without using a display manager?

Thank You for helping me!
I have tried to edit the files you wrote about, but I still don't get it to work properly.

In my Debian Live build, I have aldready got the line

1:2345:respawn:/bin/login -f user </dev/tty1 >/dev/tty1 2&>1,

and no line containing getty. Is this because if have configured the live-helper to enable autologin?

Still, when I am adding startx to my .bash_profile, the X server complains about "server already running on display 0. Remove the X lock file in /tmp".
So, I suspect that I somehow already have got a live build that enables X autologin, so I try once again to build without a .bash_profile and without editing /etc/inittab, but still with a .xinitrc that starts my application. The result then is the same as usual. I get to a console, automatically logged in as user "user", but no X.

In your post about the inittab and the .bash_profile, I notice that the line in .bash_profile says 'startx "'. Is the quotation mark (") accidentaly put there, or should it be included (and why in that case)?


> From: stwn@kuliax.org
> To: debian-live@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Re: How do I enable X autologin without using a display manager?
> Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 22:39:29 +0700
> On Friday 27 March 2009 09:34:44 Iwan Setiawan wrote:
> > Put startx in .xinitrc, and include it in chroot_local-includes/~?
> Thanks to varadarajan narayanan for making me notice that my first reply has
> gone nowhere & not complete :D
> Actually I have used 3 files to do the autologin without display manager, but
> I still use desktop environment:
> - /etc/inittab and .bash_profile like varadarajan stated
> - also .xinitrc which I said earlier. It contains:
> /usr/bin/qiv -zr /usr/share/dir/images/
> sudo /usr/bin/app &
> wait
> startlxde
> This script, as you all know, run qiv to display wallpaper randomly, app to
> generate something, and start the LXDE.
> Ok. In case anybody was wondering why i replied with .xinitrc right away :)
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