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Re: Simple Qt GUI which use debian Live

Erwan Le Gall wrote:
> I understand. Now I have 2 possibilities: give up with this project, or
> keep going on. Again It was not the aim to make a "live-magic" copy,
> only a different GUI sorry if we offense somebody.

it's not about rivalery or competition. not even about choice, and way
not about being offended or not.

working with and building on top of other free software is a right given
to you by the authors on purpose, and actively encouraged. nobody blames
you for doing your own thing.

however, people working actively on debian-live (live-helper,
live-magic, live-initramfs, live-manual et al) are way to few people. we
do need more manpower.

given that, we are just sad to hear and to loose the potential manpower
that could have come into live-magic when someone would maintain the qt
frontend related parts of it. that would have saved the manpower needed
to maintain the common things.

remember, we goal is the ideal world where we don't fork but only branch
away (and merge back).

> No artwork is include except icons (usplash/bootsplash are optional with
> some user's picture). I'll check Icons license, thanks for remark.

to be precise and avoid missunderstanding: i was not refering to the
resulting live system, but to your upstream sources.

>>   * let someone with english skills review your strings. [...]
> I'm not good in English and I made translation in subway going to work.
> I agree that can be horrible, sorry for that.

well, i'm no english native speaker myself, and i assure you my english
skills are very limited (that's why there is Chris cluebatting me from
time to time by correcting it :).

however, bad language really makes your software look bad. that's why
it's important to get it reviewed by someone that knows the language.

> It's actually not the aim (to provide exactly the same terminology). I'm
> certainly wrong but I think that someone which prefer "LH_BINARY_IMAGES"
> will use live-helper in CLI (I prefer for my part), and in the other
> hand some people want "easy to understand" terminology. I'll watch to
> put the live-helper terminology in a tip at first.

right, my point was that *i* would have choosen something that remembers
the 'original' value it derrives from, e.g. 'Live Image Type' or
something like that. ymmv of course, it just came to my mind when seing it.

> I agree that's a lot of things must be
> changed and as everybody I always need more time.

after some years of doing debian stuff, i found out that this will never
happen - one has never enough time to do anything as one wants. the only
solution i found is to team up with other people.


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