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Re: Simple Qt GUI which use debian Live

i've just had a quick look. however, apart from what Chris already said
and which i completely agree to
I understand. Now I have 2 possibilities: give up with this project, or keep going on. Again It was not the aim to make a "live-magic" copy, only a different GUI sorry if we offense somebody.
  * correcting wrong paths and names, it has never neither existed
    something like /usr/share/livehelper, nor 'live helper' or

    it's /usr/share/live-helper/ and the package/program is named

  * copyright wise you should be carefull about including other stuff [...]
No artwork is include except icons (usplash/bootsplash are optional with some user's picture). I'll check Icons license, thanks for remark.
  * let someone with english skills review your strings. [...]
I'm not good in English and I made translation in subway going to work. I agree that can be horrible, sorry for that.
  * since you base on live-helper, you should also use the same
    terminology to describe certain options. otherwise, it's very
    confusing and difficult for someone who used your frontend to later
    use live-helper directly. e.g. you refere to LH_BINARY_IMAGES with
    'Live Type'.
It's actually not the aim (to provide exactly the same terminology). I'm certainly wrong but I think that someone which prefer "LH_BINARY_IMAGES" will use live-helper in CLI (I prefer for my part), and in the other hand some people want "easy to understand" terminology. I'll watch to put the live-helper terminology in a tip at first.

  * you should not default to other defaults than what live-helper is
    doing, or rather don't handle default at all and just call lh_config
    initially and import that config as the default.
Ho. I wasn't aware about this (not my development part). I'll watch this.
  * i'm not so sure that building and keeping live images in
    /var/lib/livecreator is a good idea (usally not enough space)
    also, have you though about systems with concurrent users (both
    privacy issues and file conflicts wise)?
    i think you really should do stuff in users home directory.
Right too :).
i personally prefer python-support, it's a lot saner.
OK I just don't know the both. I will go for python-support I guess.

Thanks a lot for this reply. I agree that's a lot of things must be changed and as everybody I always need more time.


Erwan Le Gall

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