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Simple Qt GUI which use debian Live

Hi list,

I wait lenny before talk about this. Great work about this BTW.

After a lot of internal initial developpers team fight, I finally work on my side with some people on this :
It's a Qt4 GUI which use lh-* scripts to build lives...

Yes it's on launchpad (cause I work with some ubunteros), yes it's bugged (based on an old live-helper version) and no I'm not very active (for the moment). But why let this project unknown ? So I share this with you, just try it, it's very easy : bzr branch lp:live-creator && cd live-creator && sudo ./livecreator.py

You will need at least python-qt4, python-apt and some other standard stuff (optionnaly qemu). No package, no documentation for the moment... Any help is welcome, team is looking for members. I know that we have a specific template save, which is not Debian-Live compatible, what are you thinking about it ?

The long shoot things to do are :
 * Migrate to pycentral (for packaging)
 * Finish i18n
 * Correct bugs and delete old bad stuff
 * Provide a documentation
 * Provide a package
 * Review the saves

The cool stuff about it are :
 * create a livecd in 4 click (usb in 5 if I right remember)
 * add a package searching it in a "synaptic-like" view
 * save template with commentary, package selections, options...
 * bootsplash only choosing a picture (any filetype)
 * set the dhcp or static IP at boot, keyboard layout, language...
 * test the live in an embedded qemu
 * ...

Bad stuff not changeable for the moment :
 * problem if you use it on ubuntu
 * Obliged to use root ID
 * unable to use debian-live saves
 * code is... terrible bad (please don't go watch sources ;)
 * ... And a lot of other things !

Thanks to testers :)

Erwan Le Gall / _r1_

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