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Re: Request for a custom ISO in a "contrib" dir


S. wrote:
> I have several package lists that I would like to share with
> the community, using only official Debian packages.

where can they be seen and what is different/special with/about them
that make it attractive for the broad public?

> submit my package list and live-helper options to your build system and produce a
> Live image on your servers.

if your package selection of yours is not for a broad enough public, or
if we can't integrate your selection into the existing onces, then we're
not able to do that.

please also read my notes about hosting in this mail:

>  I seem to remember that there used to be a
> "contrib" dir or something like that on the mirrors, with a few
> community builds.

not excately. for a short time, there was a contrib directory with only
two testimages containing a newer syslinux in order to let people verify
that syslinux 3.71 fixed the regressions in 3.70 from fall 2008.

for reasons in the cited mail above, there have never beend and most
likely never be such a possibility to host images permanently other than
the few ones we currently prebuild.

>  I'd like to be able to have your build system create
> the ISO because I have a slow internet connection with terrible upload
> speed.  And although I realize I could just post my package list
> somewhere for users to install, I'd prefer for there to be a live image,
> because my compilation is sort of a "light" distro and normally would be
> installed from scratch on the command line, which many users find
> intimidating.

if you order  your own root server, i'll help you setting it up so you
can do that by yourself.


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