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Request for a custom ISO in a "contrib" dir

Hi there,

I would be interested in creating a custom Debian Live ISO / IMG for the community. I have several package lists that I would like to share with the community, using only official Debian packages. I don't want to do artwork or branding or anything like that, just basically submit my package list and live-helper options to your build system and produce a Live image on your servers. I seem to remember that there used to be a "contrib" dir or something like that on the mirrors, with a few community builds. I'd like to be able to have your build system create the ISO because I have a slow internet connection with terrible upload speed. And although I realize I could just post my package list somewhere for users to install, I'd prefer for there to be a live image, because my compilation is sort of a "light" distro and normally would be installed from scratch on the command line, which many users find intimidating.

Let me know please.  Thanks a lot!

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