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Re: Request for a custom ISO in a "contrib" dir

Daniel Baumann wrote:

S. wrote:
I have several package lists that I would like to share with
the community, using only official Debian packages.

where can they be seen and what is different/special with/about them
that make it attractive for the broad public?

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to respond. Basically, I would like to produce a very minimal CD as a building block for those who like to build a custom Debian system. The first time I tried to install a custom Debian system, I did a minimal installation, and then went on installing exactly the packages I wanted from the command line. But I found it difficult at first to get my internet connection working and my sources and apt options configured via the command line. So, I would like to be able to download a small live CD from the latest Debian packages that just has Xorg, openbox, pcman filemanager, a WiFI connection manager, and leafpad text editor. I would like to have the live installer enabled too. That way, people can download a very small ISO (should be less than 100 MB), and use that as a building block for whatever system they want. And their custom system will only have the packages they want to install. Yes, this could be done from the regular installer CDs, but usually the user ends up downloading the ISO and not using most of the packages on it if he does a custom install. And why not just the net install CD? Because a lot of people (like myself) only use wireless connections, or they need graphical programs to get basic stuff like internet connections and source lists configured.


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