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Re: Lenny RC1, size issues, and the Lenny release

Marco Amadori wrote:
> I use it in production to send preconfigured debian servers around the world 
> with success, however I agree too with your decision, better to have it off 
> official images.

it works well for me too, but there are at least two details i'm aware
of, that are ugly: the timezone is not correctly handled (and somehow i
end up always getting an fsck on the first boot after installation); and
live-helper currently does not produce 100% clean images (the temporary
archive key is included in the squashfs when using local packages and
the temporary apt.conf is not reverted); this is not much of a problem
for live-installer when using prebuilt images, however, it should get
fixed imho before we'll distribute it officially, as people will not
just use it on the prebuild image but also do their own. and well, there
can always be other things i'll never trap into with my own use cases
(people do strange things sometimes :)

oh, and i forgot.. there is that timing problem with the indices
waypoint when d-i wants to install the bootloader (which has a
workaround in live-helper, but that's ugly as well).


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