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Re: Lenny RC1, size issues, and the Lenny release

Daniel Baumann wrote:
>    in addition to the cd images, there will be one 'new' dvd image that
>    contains *all* the other flavours (standard,rescue,*-desktop) and
>    where one can select at boot time in the syslinux menu which system
>    to boot. this image will also contain debian-installer netinst. if
>    there is space enough on it, i will also include the source tarball
>    for the live systems, so that this would be an ideal 'give away' dvd
>    for e.g. exhibitions (it's not perfect, for that it would need to be
>    multi-arch, but there was no time left to achieve that as well).

i forgot to mention that in agreement with otavio, this image will *not*
contain live-installer. this is because we are not confident that it was
tested enough. therefore, i will build the same dvd image twice, once as
an official 5.0r0 build as described above, and once as an unofficial
one including live-installer.

then, we call for testers of the unofficial image well, and if it looks
good, the official dvd image for 5.0r1 will contain live-installer.

there'll be a couple of more such things i'd like to get ready for r1
(multi-arch, powerpc and sparc images), but more about that after lenny
has been done.


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