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Re: [PATCH] do not eject USB flash drives

> > Does not seem to work. Example with a little stupid nonsense script:
> it does, you just took a bad example that hits a cornercase.

I think I choose a rather good example. There were three syntax issues in the 
1) unsafe $blah instead of ${blah}
2) == instead of = (bashism)
3) a missing whitespace (which was my most frequent error when I started 
writing shell scripts because I come from whitespace agnostic programming 

Another strange thing: The man page of bash does only implicitly mention 
the "-n" option in the description of the "-D" option: "This implies the -n 
option; no commands will be executed."

All in all it looks like the "-n" option is poorly documented and 
implementation is incomplete. Am I wrong or is it time to write a bug report 
to bug-bash@gnu.org?



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